TAI EnviroMax™ 310 Platform Supply Vessel

Tai Enviromax 310 Platform Supply

Key Features

  • Length, Overall: 310ft
  • Beam: 62 ft
  • Depth: 26 ft
  • Max Draft: 21.2 ft
  • Total Installed Diesel Electric Power: 8.8 MW
  • Maximum Speed: 15 knots
  • Deadweight: 6,330 LT


This design is a technologically advanced, fuel-efficient, optimized, dynamically positioned, diesel electric multi-mission cargo vessel, built to ABS rules. It is a derivative of TAI’s EnviroMax™ series of designs. It had stringent weight, CG and noise control requirements, excellent seakeeping, and high survivability.  ABS approval, Operator and Maintenance manuals training, spares and warranty support were provided.

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