TAI Engineers, LLC (TAI) is an internationally respected Maritime Solutions business specializing in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

About Us

TAI's mission statement is to provide "Solutions that Enhance Value” for its clients, concentrates on offering maximum value to the client on each vessel program with a focus on superior performance, energy efficiency, and minimum carbon footprint. TAI's Maritime Solutions are designed to have low risk, maximum capabilities, and the lowest life cycle cost while being easy to build and maintain. TAI’s capabilities span a wide range of vessel designs and engineering services. In addition, TAI can also be the prime contractor for specialized design/build contracts. TAI’s staff includes expertise in various engineering disciplines including Naval Architecture, Marine Structural Engineering, Marine Mechanical, Engineering, Marine Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Integrated Logistic Services, Habitability and Ergonomics, Quality Assurance, and Tests and Trials. TAI engineers and designers are equipped with the necessary networked engineering design environment, including Integrated Product Development Environment and high-speed data transfer facilities, design/CADD workstations, and Engineering workstations to ensure a full-capacity operation throughout any vessel design program. In addition to its 100+ highly experienced Marine Professionals, TAI’s in-house program management, construction, logistics, estimating, and purchasing experts oversee all aspects of design, costing, shipyard selection, construction, and testing of new vessels.

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Since TAI’s founding in 1993, it has brought billions of dollars in vessels that have been built or are currently being built to fruition. TAI has over 5,000 designs in its library.

TAI has a team of 110+ engineers, designers, and administrative personnel located in New Orleans, LA; and Houston, TX. TAI’s parent company S&B Engineers and Constructors group has more than 1,500 engineers who can complement TAI's capabilities when needed to meet larger customer demands.


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William Krewsky, P.E.


TAI’s President, Captain William Krewsky, P.E. (USCG Retired), holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering from the United States Coast Guard Academy, Master of Science degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Master in Quality Systems Management from the National Graduate School.  Capt. Krewsky has over 38 years of experience in the maritime industry and previously served as Vice President of Government Programs at TAI. Prior to joining TAI, Capt. Krewsky served as Chief Engineer of the marine transportation business Hornbeck Offshore for twelve years and was responsible for planning and overseeing the Company's higher technology operating and capital acquisition activities and for the provision of engineering support for new vessel construction, major modifications, fleet operations, fleet maintenance, commercial activities, and regulatory compliance. At Hornbeck, he was directly responsible for more than $2.6 billion in capital expenditures for new vessel acquisitions and major conversions, including the successful delivery of forty-two new generation offshore supply and multi-purpose support vessels. Prior to joining Hornbeck, Capt. Krewsky served for more than twenty-three years in the United States Coast Guard. During his Coast Guard career, Mr. Krewsky held positions covering all aspects of ship operations, maintenance, repair, design, and construction. He served as chief engineer afloat, commanded fleet operations, maintenance, and repair activities. He was responsible for government oversight of the largest and most complex ship design and construction program in the history of the Coast Guard valued at more than $14 billion. Capt. Krewsky currently serves as a member by appointment on the National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee, and on the American Bureau of Shipping Special Committee on Small Vessels.  

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Kris Karri, P.E.

Sr. Vice President of Operations & Chief Engineer

TAI’s Sr. Vice President of Commercial Operations & Chief Engineer, Mr. Kris Karri P.E., is a graduate of the University of New Orleans, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He has over 13 years of experience as a Manager and Naval Architect and possesses a strong background in commercial and government projects, business capture, program planning, design integration, resource planning, coordination, and engineering development. Mr. Karri is responsible for the design integration management and oversight of all commercial programs. Additionally, Mr. Karri has authored 10+ patents and technical papers, as well as serves on 4 technical committees.

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Edward Downey, P.E.

Sr. Vice President of Engineering

TAI’s Sr. Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Edward Downey, is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Engineering, the Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business and the University of New Orleans, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He has over 48 years of experience in management, planning, scheduling, and coordination of shipyard and marine transportation projects. Mr. Downey has an extensive technical education and marine background balanced with exceptional leadership, team building, analytical, organizational, and communication skills. Prior to joining the TAI team, Mr. Downey was the president and owner of Downey Engineering Corporation, a successful full-service Naval Architecture design firm, for 28 years.

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Anil Raj, P.E.

Founder & Executive Advisor

TAI's Founder & Executive Advisor, Mr. Anil Raj, is a graduate of the University of Michigan, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He has 49 years of experience in marine and offshore construction, deepwater development, marine transportation operations, and shipbuilding. He has supervised the creation of designs from which hundreds of vessels have been built for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Corps of Engineers, as well as commercial and government clients in Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Ecuador, China, and many other countries. Prior to his full-time commitment to TAI, he was President and Chairman of the Board of Halter Marine Inc. and all its subsidiaries, and Chief Operating Officer of Friede Goldman Halter Inc., (NYSE FGH), whose divisions he helped rehabilitate into VT Halter Marine, Inc., Signal International, Friede Goldman Engineering and AmClyde (Division of National Oil Well).

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