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TAI EnviroMax™ Fugro Americas Seismographic Research Vessel

Key Features

  • 193 Feet Long
  • Speed of 12 Knots


Concept Development, Preliminary and Detailed Design and ABS and USCG approvals for the Design of 193 ft Offshore Survey Coastal Vessel. The vessel was designed from the ground up, including specification development, determination of all Hull and Mission System, structural, mechanical, Piping and Electrical Drawings, Speed and Powering analysis, CFD and Finite Element Analysis, Stability Analysis Weight Control, and Supplier and subcontractor interface, design integration and shipyard production support. A gondola-type transducer mount is also designed for the vessel. Model testing and CFD analysis was done to make sure that bubble sweepdown and resistance parameters were within acceptable limits.

Measuring 193 feet in length, the multi-purpose vessel is well-suited for high-resolution geophysical surveys and seafloor mapping and is permanently mobilized for rapid deployment to locations throughout North and South America.

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