Fire Rescue

TAI – 30kn High-Speed Fire-Fighting Vessel

Key Features

  • Length, Overall: 75 ft
  • Beam: 20 ft
  • Depth: 10 ft
  • Draft: 3.25 ft
  • BHP: 2 x 1,600 HP
  • Twin Waterjet Propulsion


The “Port Chicago” is a  75-foot fire-fighting vessel with waterjet propulsion, designed, fabricated, and outfitted to meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1925 rules pertaining to the construction of a Type II fire-fighting vessel. This vessel has been built as a turnkey “design and build” contract by the US Army with TAI as the prime design, build, test & trial, deliver and train contractor.  The vessel has excellent reliability and maintainability, and a very good total life cycle ownership cost. It is a high speed (30+ knot) marine aluminum alloy work boat, with twin engines, it is over the road transportable, it is durable, meets ABYC standards, had stringent weight and CG control requirements, has a capable fendering system, high survivability, and spares.

The vessel’s hull and superstructure are constructed from 5083 or 5086 marine grade aluminum alloys and to applicable NFPA 1925 standards. Interior structures are constructed of 6061 aluminum alloy as allowed by ABYC and ABS High Speed Vessel Regulations.

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