Lindholm Dredge

Lindholm Dredge (Service Life Extension Engineering)

Key Features

  • Overall Length: 297′ 6″
  • Width: 55′
  • Depth: 24′ 7″
  • Draft: 22′ 3″
  • Deadweight: 5123 Tons


This project involved a service life extension (SLEP) and upgrades of a 30 year old dredge. TAI did the work in 2 phases. The first phase involved performing a detailed ship’s structure and machinery evaluation (SS&ME) to determine the course for SLEP and modifications. Cost estimates for the modifications and service life maintenance, before and after SLEP upgrades, were done to justify expenditures in phase II. In phase II, TAI performed engineering work for a major overhaul on this hopper dredge which included a survey of the vessel to determine required equipment removal, replacement, and upgrades. The main engines, generators, and dredge pump were upgraded. The structure was evaluated and deemed adequate for the following 10 years.  After extensive rework was performed on the vessel to improve its efficiency, reliability, emissions, and production, a complete stability test was performed and ABS approved and a Trim and Stability Booklet was created and ABS approved.


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