Delivering Solutions

that Enhance Value

Total Service Maritime Solutions

TAI Engineers, LLC. (TAI) is a full-service Maritime Solutions company incorporated in 1993 and is owned by S&B Infrastructure, Ltd. an S&B family company. S&B has about 1,600 engineers who can assist when there is a high resource demand. TAI is known for its management expertise, technical excellence, and innovative Maritime Solutions. In addition, TAI is proud of its legacy and people, whose professionalism and dedication make the company trusted by its clients. TAI provides services to commercial and governmental clients. Furthermore, TAI is GSA listed to provide engineering services and vessels to the US Government and is also a prime contractor on NAVSEA’s SEAPORT-E program. Lastly, TAI offers a diversity of expertise to respond to most maritime and offshore requirements and specializes in small and medium-sized vessels. TAI’s portfolio and capabilities include Boats, ATBs, Barges, and Ships from 50T to 40,000T.

Delivering Solutions that Enhance Value to Our Customers

TAI Engineers, LLC is a total marine solutions company that provides engineering and production support services to a wide variety of customers in the US and abroad. TAI’s mission to deliver "Solutions that Enhance Value" is the primary focus of any project that TAI undertakes. TAI designs are focused to enhance mission capabilities and provide best in class performance.

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